Birthday Parties

Let our Birthday Party Coordinator help you plan your child’s birthday celebration! Select from our entertainers who are sure to make your child’s birthday a festive event.

Fantasy Dance

Ages 3 to 6
Give your child a party filled with imagination, movement, pantomime, music theatre, dance, and enchanting costumes. The birthday boy or girl can select his or her favorite theme. (Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Lion King, etc.)

Double Dare
Ages 6 and up
Challenge your guests to a paper race, cotton ball quest, paper plate shuffle, parachute pop, and many other exciting other double dare games. Be warned: this party can be done messy!


Ages 7 and up
Jazz up your birthday party! This is the party to have if your child likes to dance. Choose from either Country Western, Line Dancing, or Hip Hop for 45 minutes filled with high energy and fun. The party is led by an instructor from The Children’s Theatre Co!

Mystery Party
Ages 9 and up
This party is like no other! Join your friends in a mysterious game of WHO DUNNIT? It’s just like playing CLUE only you and your friends are the suspects!

Rock N’ Hop
Ages 5 and up
The children will love reliving the nostalgia of the 50’s and 60’s sock hop. This delightful party will entertain children with freezedance, lip synching, limbo and hula hoops, and lots of wonderful music.

TV Game Show
Ages 8 and up
Relive those hilarious TV game shows! Party celebrants will play fifteen minutes of their four favorite shows…Win, Lose or Draw, Wheel of Fortune, Name that Tune, and the Five Second Advertisers.